Leaps of Knowledge Conference 2018: Power Up!

The Leaps of Knowledge Conference themed Power UP Education was an sequel to last year’s Level-up Conference. More than 1,000 educators and parents from all over Malaysia attended the conference. The aim of the conference was to recognise educators as superheroes (Gamechangers) and empowering them to continue raising the bar in education and encouraging 21st Century teaching and learning.

The conference started with keynote speaker Kiran Bir Sethi, the Founder for Design for change (DFC) the largest movement of change -of and by children and The Riverside School, India. DFC is now in 44 countries, impacting 2.2million children and 65,000 teachers. Kiran spoke about empowering children by character building and design thinking.

The second keynote speaker was Cheryl Ann Fernando, the inspirational teacher portrayed in the Malaysian Film Adiwiraku. Cheryl shared her journey as a teacher in a rural school and how teachers can empower their students to reach their highest potential.

Teachers were given missions according to Community, Classroom and Country. They had to work together to complete the missions to contribute towards education transformation. Teachers were also required to attend workshops. The Leadership conferences are organised by FrogAsia and supported by YTL Foundation.