SK (C) Jalan Sentul

YTL Foundation donated chromebooks to SKJC Jalan Sentul to help teachers and students incorporate technology into their classroom. The one to one computer modelling programme had the students of class 4M receive a Chromebook each.

CSS Holdings (Edutech) partnered with FrogAsia to provide the coursework in the Frog VLE for the students. The use of the chromebooks and the Frog VLE has allowed the teachers, students and parents to collaborate under a single platform.

“This is an ideal model which promotes teaching and learning in a fun manner,” explains Mr. Low, Head of Learning Portal, Edutech Group.

“We started out using the Chromebooks in a lecture based instruction and then migrated to a student centred model using project based learning and collaborative teamwork activities to facilitate learning,” states Ms.Khor,4M class teacher.

She explains that the main aim was to increase student participation and let them take ownership of their learning. She continues by saying that the results were amazing, and the programme led to higher student participation in class.

The other teachers are happy with the programme as well.With the help of the Frog VLE and the Chromebook, the students are more responsive and hence, it makes it easier for the teachers to identify their students’ needs.

The students are thrilled that they can use the Chromebook to study. “I can use the Chromebook to study using the Frog VLE and also do math exercises in the Khan Academy website,” states Jensen, a student in 4M.

Parents too cannot be happier.There have been parents who have personally expressed their gratitude to the school for embarking on such a programme.

“This programme allows my son to learn beyond the classroom. He brings the Chromebook home and shows us what he is learning in school. I also see that his attitude towards learning has changed too. He is now more eager and motivated to do his homework and learn new things,” gushes Evelyn Tan, a parent from the school.

This project is an initiative by YTL foundation to help schools, teachers, students and parents accept and incorporate technology into the everyday learning process and embrace the future of learning.

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“With the integration of Edutech content and cloud based Frog VLE platform, learning is now simpler, flexible and more engaging.”

Ms. Cecilia Kow