YTL has always been an advocate of raising the standards of Education and ensuring that hard working, talented and high achieving individuals have the opportunity to excel. From offering small study loans to deserving students, YTL now has paved the way to many high achievers to pursue their dreams and ambitions locally and internationally.

YTL believes that the future generation holds the key to a progressive and successful nation and this is why it is with great pride, YTL offers scholarships to students. The organisation believes that with a sound education, individuals will be able to lead the nation’s economic development.

Since 1997, the organisation has seen many ambitious youth chase their dreams and today play an important part in shaping the nation. From the technical world of Engineering to the creative world of Liberal Arts, YTL scholars have been given the opportunity to create the life they have always hoped for.

YTL continues to support education and provide the means for our next generation to guide the nation to reach greater heights.


“Our progress as
a nation can be
no swifter than
our progress in

The human mind
is our fundamental

John F.Kennedy