"I have the opportunity to
save lives today because
20 years ago, YTL Foundation
extended a helping hand to
a young boy with big dreams."

Dr. Narasimman Sathiamurthy

Dr Narasimman Sathiamurthy
Surgeon, Penang General Hospital

"YTL Corporation builds a nation not only through construction, but also through education. Almost 20 years ago, The YTL Foundation extended financial assistance to a young school boy in Teluk Intan, Perak, to complete his secondary and tertiary education. He was adamant to be a medical doctor despite being given an offer by YTL to continue in the engineering line. Nevertheless, the sponsorship continued throughout his medical education in a local government university. He is now a surgeon in Penang General Hospital.

My name is Dr Narasimman Sathiamurthy, and I am that schoolboy. I am 35 years old, from Butterworth, Penang. My mother, Mdm Kothanayagi, single-handedly raised me since the passing of my dad at the age of seven. At the age of 12, I attended SM Sains, Teluk Intan, Perak - a boarding school. Being a surgeon was my childhood ambition and it was a great achievement to realise this dream after 13 years of facing many challenges. I am married to Dr Vanitha Krishnan and blessed with two beautiful angels. I was among the first few fortunate students to be awarded a scholarship by YTL, of which I am very grateful for. I'm in full support of the YTL Foundation being a catalyst in building this nation by providing education opportunities that will lead other students to excellence."

Dr Alina Hua
Academic Foundation doctor, Northwick Park Hospital, London

"Pursuing medicine always felt like a dream I would never be able to achieve as I went through secondary school. Coming from a humble background, I knew that my parents would find it difficult to pay for my education. It didn’t matter where I would pursue my medical degree, I just wanted the chance to have one.

The YTL Foundation scholarship changed my life as it meant that my childhood dreams were finally fulfilled, and more importantly, it showed me how blessed I am, which makes me determined to be a blessing to others as well. My time spent pursuing a medical degree course at Imperial College, London, has shaped the person I am today and has built my confidence. I am now an Academic Foundation doctor in London and although I continue to face challenges such as the uncertainty of my future medical career and often feel frustrated about being limited in what I can do for my patients, I have come to realise that taking time to listen to them still makes a significant difference in their lives. It is often the small things done on a daily basis that counts the most, and of course, I wouldn't have the opportunity to do so without the scholarship from YTL."

Ratnadewi Lim binte Sani Sukiman
Teach for Malaysia’s 2012 Fellow, teaching English in a high-need secondary school in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

When I was in high school, I always imagined myself working in a big corporate company, climbing the corporate ladder in sharp business suits. If you see me today, I am nowhere near what I imagined I would be. I am a 29-year-old, baju kurung-wearing government teacher to a bunch of teenagers who come from low socio-economic backgrounds. Ten years ago, I had difficulties gaining admission into local universities after STPM. Enrolling in a private university meant I had to find a way to fund my tertiary education. I knew the only way I could obtain a scholarship is for someone to take a leap of faith and have confidence that I was worthy of a scholarship. I needed someone to believe that I am able to do more and achieve great things. YTL Foundation was that 'someone' for me.

With the Foundation's assistance, I pursued a business degree from a reputable university I never dreamed of enrolling myself into. Most importantly, it has led me to a role that gives so much meaning to my working life – a teacher. I do not know when I will be able to return the Foundation’s kindness or be able to assist others as how the Foundation had assisted me. What I do know right now is that the next best thing I could do is to pay the Foundation's kindness forward by teaching the children of Malaysia and guide them in changing the paths of their lives. YTL Foundation helped me move forward in my life and it is my turn to help my students move forward in theirs. Thank you, YTL Foundation, for believing in me

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