Supporting Our  Scholars

YTL Foundation Scholarship programme expands wider than just helping students earn academic qualifications. The Foundation organises events and activities to provide opportunities for scholars to sharpen their creative thinking skills, build character and learn the core values of YTL.  

YTL Foundation Hackathon Challenge

In July 2016, YTL Foundation organised a Hacktahon for  scholars to be creative, work in groups and enhance their problem solving skills. The  scholars  were  given a problem statement on education and had to work in groups to create solutions. The event went on for 2 1/2 days with 13 scholars who were divided into 3 teams.

The winning team’s idea was to provide an avenue for students in secondary and primary schools to express themselves. This will be  through a web page called LUNA.  Luna is an online platform that is catered to the needs of school students in Malaysia. Luna will provide students with a safe outlet to interact and express ideas with one another.

The site will host a  virtual Frog Classroom for students who do not have the opportunity to experience the classroom. The winning Team received RM3, 500 to develop their idea and will also have the opportunity to present at the YTL Leadership Conference in December 2016. A prize award of RM 500 were also presented to best presentation and best teamwork.

YTL Foundation Scholars Leadership Retreat (UK)

In September 2016 YTL Foundation organised a 3 day leadership retreat for our UK scholars in Gainsborough Bath and Spa, Bath, United Kingdom. The training was designed to be a character building exercise and to  familiarise the scholars with the 5 core values of YTL (Responsibility, Honesty, Vitality, Togetherness and Hard Work) The expected results  of the training was for the scholars develop their confidence and intrinsic leadership qualities.

The scholars experienced 3 days of self discovery where they uncovered the foundational behaviours and attitudes of great leaders. The scholars who at the beginning found it hard to share their deepest thoughts and feelings with their peers, opened up and shared their most private experiences.