YTL Foundation Scholarship

YTL Foundation offers scholarships to deserving students who demonstrate great potential and display the 5 YTL values of hard work, honesty, moral responsibility, togetherness and vitality.

Ranging from engineering to arts and humanities, the Foundation has provided many opportunities of further education in tertiary institutions to deserving students. We believe in awarding deserving candidates who are all-round high achievers and community-centric as part of our vision of Building Better Societies Through Better Education. We offer scholarships for undergraduate degrees in local universities. A very limited number of scholarships are granted for undergraduate degrees in universities outside the country.  


Yeoh Tiong Lay Award

An exceptional applicant under the YTL Scholarship Programme may be awarded the Yeoh Tiong Lay Award which provides the opportunity to study for undergraduate degrees at top universities worldwide. He or she has to display altruistic achievements, holistic values and communal character alongside excellent results.  


Scholarship Application:

Application for 2018 is closed.
If you would like to apply for 2019, please fill in the online form HERE