Lottie's Talent Village 

Join us for a Christmas Bazaar showcasing vocation and artisan skills, this fun and festive event is for all the family. 

When: Friday 1 to Sunday 3 December, 10am to 10pm
Where: Lot 10, Kuala Lumpur


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Our workshops will be running throughout the weekend, book now to ensure a place and have fun learning a new skill.


Batik Boutique   

Workshop: Batik Fabric painting with Lottie design
Participants will learn how to apply dye to customized batik fabric, creating a unique piece of art on their fabric which they can take home with them.

Duration: 50 - 60 Min
Price: RM35.00 includes materials (per pax)
Age: 8 and above

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Supa Dupa Circus 

Workshop: Balloon Modelling and entertainment
A fun and entertaining balloon modelling workshop from Supa Dupa Circus. Participants will learn how to make a dog, sword, flower, hat and mystery balloons!

Duration: 30 - 60 Min
Price: RM25 (includes balloon kit)
Age: Any age!

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Free Tree Society (FTS)

Workshop: Marcotting (Friday, 1st December only)
We will demonstrate the technique of marcotting (air layering), method of plant propagation. The benefits include easy rooting and plants true to parent. This technique can be applied to flowers, climbers, fruit trees and herbs.

Duration: 60 Min
Price: RM60 - includes soil mixture, marcott tool and a free tree (Payable on arrival at the workshop)
Age: 7 and above


Workshop: Vermicomposting (Saturday, 2nd December only)
Learn the process of decomposing uncooked food waste, garden waste and manure by using worms. The outcome is a nutrient rich fertilizer capable of supplying necessary nutrients to help sustain plant growth. The method  is simple, effective, saves energy, reduces landfills and rebuilds the soil.

Duration: 60 Min
Price: RM40 includes a free tree (Payable on arrival at the workshop)
Age: 7 and above


Workshop: Microgreens (Sunday, 3rd December only)
Grow a mini garden in your kitchen. Microgreens are seedlings of vegetables and herbs that are packed with nutrients that are easily digestible. Learn the best techniques to grow a plentiful supply!

Duration: 60 Min
Price: RM40 - includes microgreen seeds and a free tree (Payable on arrival at the workshop)
Age: 7 and above

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BMIC Nail Spa Saloon @ Starhill Gallery

Workshop: Henna Art (Only available at 12.00pm on Fri, Sat and Sun)
BMIC will demonstrate the beautiful art of Henna on the hand of the guest.

Duration: 30 - 60 Min
Price: RM10.00 (per pax)
Age: 7 and above

Workshop: Folk Art
(available at 2.30pm and 5.00pm on Fri, Sat and Sun)
BMIC will teach participants how to apply fun and festive Folk Art designs onto the hand.

Duration: 30 - 60 Min
Price: Free
Age: 7 and above

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Brain Bridge for Woodwork  

Workshop: Create a Table Lamp
Paticipants will create a table lamp, they will cut and drill wood, learn how to connect the light bulb to the lamp using different components and create a bespoke lamp to take away.

Duration: 30 - 60 Min
Price: RM35.00 includes materials (per pax)
Age: 7 and above

Workshop: Create Lottie Stand
Participants will be able to create a Lottie Stand which works as a headphone holder by creating it using wood, bolts & nuts as well as painting it. A fun filled project for everyone.

Duration: 30 - 60 min
Price: Rm15.00 includes materials (per pax) 
Age: 5 and above

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Craft Haven

The aim of these workshops is to introduce and instill a passion and knowledge of craft to our participants.


Wooden Doorknob Hanger Painting (Friday Only)
This is an awesome craft project that is perfect for tapping into your creative side even for first timers. Something both kids and adults can sink into, using acrylics on wood.

Duration: 80 Min
Price: RM50 includes materials (per pax)
Age: 7 and above


Polymer Clay on Glass (Saturday Only)
Polymer clay on glass is truly a beautiful craft to explore. The possibilities are endless. We'll teach you to embellish a glass jar with the clay and how to use PearlEx powders to get a dazzling metallic sheen on them.

Duration: 80 Min
Price: RM60 includes materials (per pax)
Age: 15 and above


Acrylic Painting on Wooden Plaque (Sunday Only)
For the more initiated, learn decorative painting on wood using acrylics - a combination of chalky, fluid and metallic acrylics. We'll teach you how to paint a beautiful flower wreath and mark it with your favourite quote.

Duration: 80 Min
Price: RM60.00 includes materials (per pax)
Age: 15 and above

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Decoupage art can create awareness and open up variety of crafting possibilities. Whether you can make a living through this skill, looking for ways to decorate your home, searching for a fun craft project to enjoy with your child, a way to relax and release stress.

Workshop: Cookie Jar Cover/ Handphone porch/ Multi purpose holder (Friday)

Workshop: Wood Memo Tag/ 3D Fridge Magnet/ Stone Art (Saturday)

Workshop: UV resin necklace/ Wooden Coaster/ Book mark (Sunday)

Duration: 2 hours
Price: RM30.00 includes materials (per pax)
Age: 8 and above

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Viva StarFish Project  

Workshop: Workshop: Self watering Planter box 

It’s home gardening; just easy, cost-efficient, energy-saving and near-zero maintenance. 

The workshop aims to guide in making an Aquaponics Planter Box. We’ll show you how it’s built-in reservoir allows the plants to absorb water when needed; a system that saves way more time, effort and H20 in maintaining a plant, what more a garden! 10% of funds from Workshop #1 will go towards sponsoring a chick for Orang Asli trade and to kick-start their restaurant business. The seeds planted will be donated to Kampung Rensung and Kampung Chempian for their farming and export business.

Duration: 30 - 40 Min
Price: RM25.00 includes materials (per pax)
Age: 10 and above


Workshop: Handcrafted Bangle

Take part in our country’s native culture and make your own little ethnic fashion statement, the way our Orang Asli do it back home.

Learn how to make a simple handcrafted bangle made of woven ratan wood, typical to the culture of the indigenous, in Malaysia and other third-world countries. 10% of funds from Workshop #2 will go to funding the pipeworks project in Kampung Chempian to bring a water source 5km away right to their doorstep. The bangle is taken home by our festival participants and donors as an achievement, souvenir and token of appreciation.

Duration: 25 - 35 Min
Price: RM15.00 includes materials (per pax) 
Age: 4 and above

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MySkills Foundation   

Workshop 1: Coffee Making
Learn the process on making /brew the coffee and also designing the coffee ( Cappuccino & Latte).

Duration: 30 - 40 Min
Price: RM15.00 includes materials (per child)
Age: 7 and above

Workshop 2: Beads Making
Learn the process on making bracelets and earrings . Learn the best way to make colourful accessories

Duration : 60 minutes
Price : rm5-25 - including the demonstration process.
Age : 7 and above

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