A Film by YTL Foundation

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The Story

Our short film tells the story of Nara, A Boy from Teluk Intan. An exceptional student and a state hockey player, Nara’s story could have taken a different path following the loss of his father and sole breadwinner when he was 7 years old. Nara’s financial disadvantage could easily have meant that his potential would have remained just that – a potential. However, his humility in excellence caught the attention of his teacher, Mr Rajendra, who was moved to dedicate his own time and effort to find a way to help this boy develop his potential.

Nara’s story is truly a remarkable one – small town boy with big dreams and impossible hurdles, only reaching them through the aid of a mentor who believed in him. His story serves to remind us that more often than not, small actions can leave giant footprints.

Join us in our quest to find everyday heroes in our nation.

  • Executive ProducerHwei Tan
  • Director & WriterJoel Burden
  • Director of Photography & EditorAdrian Yap www.adrianyap.co
  • ProducerMelody Teo
  • Full Credit ListDownload Credits
  • Special Thanks ToSM Sains Teluk Intan

Behind The Scenes